26 July 2015

Ask yourself why. Ask yourself how.


Semester 8. Few months left before I graduate. Few months left before I bid farewell to my degree year. Few months left before I bid farewell to my friends and my IPG. I hope and I pray that some day, I will come."Balik ke Batu Lintang lagi" as stated in the IPGKBL song. Entered this institution at the age of 18 where I have little knowledge about life. It was the time where I still call myself a teenager. Budak hingusan. Who used to be scolded by teachers at school, who used to fall asleep in class, who used to read novels in class, who used to wear school uniforms, who used to not paying attention in Add Maths, Chemistry and Biology classes and luckily I love Physics although I was not that brilliant in it. 

Sarawak ku. Hiks.

Countless learning experiences here where I developed my own personality from a girl to a woman. Young adult I guess and proud to call myself as a woman now. Ehem! Learning took place, people, love stories counted too, good and bad memories where I really treasure. I always ask myself why I am here. I always ask why did all these happen to me? Why am I in this situation? Why me? I do reflect on my own. What I did in the past, who am I in the past, who are the people I befriend with, and it comprises everything. Sometimes, I do ask too. Am I ready for any unexpected challenges, people or any circumstances? Even now, we are actually required to prepare ourselves for the very first battle which is the Action Research which I have no idea whether mine will be a good one or the other way around. I am nervous. Talking about study, I guess furthering studies to higher levels in the future is every student's dream. Saying that "I want to go to bla bla bla bla for my master, my phD" sounds so easy, just like ABC and one two three. But do we really make effort to it? It's going to be our own motivation. Well who cares? Me? As I said earlier, it's every student's dream.

Talking about people that I met is another interesting part of my life. There are people who inspired me to be a better person. Some left me with good memories while some left me with not so good experiences which I guess, I am not going to repeat the mistake twice. Indeed, age does not define maturity but experience does. I am mature in my own way. Haha. We learn from each other, don't you think so? Talking about age, well, another phase of changes in life of mine. People started to ask about marriage which is very rare. I myself have no idea how and who. If there's someone who is willing to get to know me better, willing to accept me for who I am, he deserves a chance.

Tonnes of work. I love working. Pftt. Hehe


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