20 May 2015

Teacher's life: From my perspective


I am now in my exam week of semester 7. The very second last semester and it marks my final year as a teacher trainee. These few days, we're shocked by some humanity issues of Rohingya, Dr.Morsi, Tun M vs PM, GST vs BR1M, 1MDB and etc. Look. I am not going to talk about all these. I do read, yeah definitely but it's not the main point here. Satu lagi kisah pelajar kena buli di sekolah. Tiba-tiba down the memory lane of me as a school student. To be specific, secondary school student. I don't practise ragging as a senior. Useless. There's nothing that you can get. And I don't understand the culture of junior mesti dengar cakap senior. My orientation week was not that bad. Luckily, tak pernah pun kena ragging masa zaman sekolah asrama dulu. I'd like to say that KOLEJ TUN DATU TUANKU HAJI BUJANG is the best! Hehe. The only thing that I remember is they said me 'kakak garang'. Penolong ketua pelajar Islam asrama kan? Kalau tak tegas, junior tak ikut peraturan kat surau susah juga. I did mistakes too. I am nobody. Mistakes and humans. Sinonim sangat-sangat. 

And it's not about bully that I would like to share. Bully reminds me of school. School reminds me of teacher. And teacher reminds me of myself. lol. My third teaching practise has ended last April 30. If I write all the memories of three months in the school, teaching year three for English and year 5 for PSV, I bet I won't have enough space to share every inch of the experience. Teaching gets really tough nowadays. Kids are not like what we had experienced before. I remember my first day in school in year one back in 1999, my BM teacher and she was my class teacher too, Cikgu Latifah. She asked me to read a text. I read without any hesitation, any fear and as far as I remember, I was emotionless. And she was surprised due to my 'kelancaran' membaca. Haha. And all I know my other classmates were in silence. There's not much noise and we were scared of the teacher. Now, everything is different. Children are so advanced not only in what they do everyday, their thinking but also their attitude towards the teacher. These little experiences that I had may not be that challenging because I am only a teacher trainee who is still struggling for my final exam, or still haven't decide which state I want to go if I get posted. But, what I came across last few months are precious. They are all memorable and priceless. And they indeed taught me something.

In a classroom especially young learners, there are some of them who do not understand the instruction but they refused to ask. Shy? Scared? Have no intention? Probably. I don't know what the reason is but what I experienced really tickled my funny bone. I got headache checking the pupils' workbooks and spelling. Sausages turned to 'soses'. Ice cream turned to 'isecriem'. And there are words that I don't even know whether they exist. Neither BM nor English. haha. 

This is not what people usually shared on Facebook. This is originally from my phone which I experienced on my own. Mula-mula, muka rasa ketat bila semak kerja budak. Lepas tengok ni, boleh pulak ketawa sorang diri. Masa tingkatan tiga, I used to write my name in Jawi. Entah. I don't know why. I love doing it. Rasa macam cantik. And I did it twice for Science paper and Sejarah. My Science teacher, Cikgu Haziyani told Ustazah Siti Aminah and ustazah mentioned it in class. Blushing. Haha. I guess what I did in class once is what I get now. Satu je belum. Budak tidur dalam kelas. Haha.

Children look at you inside and out. The way you dress, the way you talk, they way you treat them. Things that come out from your mouth, they will follow you. To them, 'cikgu semua betul'. Lagi-lagi budak sekolah rendah. I don't watch Running Man because I am not a fan of Korean reality shows or artists especially KPOP. So I only have little knowledge about Running Man although my life is surrounded by a bunch of Running Man die-hard fans (my fellow friends). Haha. Pernah lah layan drama Korea sampai habis. But it was only for one drama. I was mentioning about 'running' in my class. So to ensure that my pupils listen well to what I mentioned, I said 'running man' as the easiest example just to make sure they are wide awake. And this is what I get. 

facepalm. haha

As I had mentioned earlier, the way you dress portrays your personality as a teacher. And I have no idea why I look like a crab to this year one boy. Haha. Obviously, I am the one with eye glasses. 

There are more to come. Entah apa lagi yang bakal menanti. Planning for a big step in teaching career in the future. I want more. I did ask some lecturers about how to further studies and they helped me a lot, giving all the good ideas. I do have my own plan and target. Malaysia? Somewhere else? Any part of the world? We'll see how it goes. In sha Allah.

I never dream for all these. I never ask. This is the beautiful plan of Him. He knows what I need. This is where I can contribute. Personally, I do enjoy myself. The first reason is I love kids. I never regret my choice. I choose to be here so I have to bear with all the consequences and challenges. The Almighty knows better.

I need my eye glasses to teach. I need my red pen to tick. So, let's make May 16 a very special day in every teacher's heart. Happy teacher's day to me and to you :)

Wait. May 20?

Still not too late to wish all teachers in the world, am I right?

p/s: pekena roti tisu. zedapnyew. 



  1. You do enjoy yourself as a teacher. Good for you! I got a friend who passed straight A's for SPM, got the oppurtunity to become a lawyer but insisted to wait for ipg instead.

    Happy Teacher's Day ;)



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