23 April 2015

Between A to Z, I choose Y


People asked me "umur macam ni tak ada boyfriend?" "umur macam kitak sik ada boyfriend kah? carik lah. umur masih mudak." Tersengih-sengih sambil mengunyah keropok. The keropok tastes better than the relationship question. lol. Too many things happened and I am not ready for another commitment 'cause now, there's only one thing that lingers in my mind. My responsibility as the first child, a daughter, a sister, a student and a teacher. The right time will come. Having someone special ni bukan macam tukar baju. Tak suka satu, simpan masuk almari, then beli baru. And I don't practise such things. Why? Useless. Kalau ada, ada lah. 

Liking someone? Another stranger from the other side of the land whom I never met, I never talk to, and there is nothing between us even on Facebook. There is zero. Well, I'd like to thank some people for it. Allah itu sweet. Don't you think so?

Antara A hingga Z, saya pilih Y.
Between A to Z, I still choose Y.

If Allah says it's meant to be, anytime, anywhere, we'll meet.

Why Y? 
Sebab yang senang. Yang senang.

iPhone users. please look after your phone. stupid me. skrin rosak, blue death crash and luckily, masih dalam warranty. the picture was snapped using my previous phone. Allah uji tu. wuwuwuwuwu.

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