18 November 2014

Discovering one's own life theory


Again, after one month, it's just today. After I had finger cramp for writing 6 pages of essay, I still have the courage to write something here. It's another finger therapy for me. lol. 

It's the last week for 2014 in the institute, it's the exam week, it's the week of uncertainties and happiness. Uncertain of what? Of what I answered and provided for the examiners to go through my answer sheets and happiness of what? Holiday is around the corner dude. I'm flying back to my hometown very soon. There's one more paper to go. Two papers all together. Let's kick in!

I am not an expert. I just want to tell you what I had been through for the past few weeks as a semester 6 teacher trainee. Let's take a look at this equation carefully. (wait! Maths? Numbers? I am a real noob when it comes to numbers and Maths. Why am I sharing this?) Never mind, let's take a look at it. 

student + assignment + exam = good grades

s + a + e = gg

That's the reality that we faced. I mean as students. Kita dimomokkan dengan suatu kenyataan, assignment bagus, exam bagus, pointer pun bagus. Itu tak dapat nak dipertikaikan tapi di sebalik semua tu, apa sebenarnya penyumbang terbesar kepada benda-benda ni semua? Budak maktab macam aku confirm markah praktikum masuk sekali. The marks contribute to how good my CGPA will be. It's just a simple theory that I believe will benefit every student a lot. It's not only in IPG but other educational institutions too especially the tertiary level. Siapa lah yang tak seronok bila dapat CGPA bagus, slip peperiksaan nampak cantik je kan?

The truth is student + assignment + practicum + exam = better grades. Aku lah. 

Look dude. I am not talking about how to get good grades in exams. Untuk beberapa minggu sebelum exam, I realised that I can't carry on if the inner side of me says no. Getting good grades, controlling your own behaviours, managing your own emotions depends on you. Everything is on your own. Why is it hard for some people to do something? Because the inner side of them said no or perhaps it's just not there. It's absent. Rasa nak buat sesuatu tu terletak pada diri kita sendiri. Tak susah. Tapi boleh jadi susah. Kadang-kadang kena paksa diri sendiri. Kadang-kadang kena ingatkan diri berkali-kali. Aku pun manusia biasa. Rasa malas tu sentiasa ada. Macam mana cara nak study? Kita boleh je google tips-tips menghadapi peperiksaan, tips-tips belajar secara efektif, makanan yang baik untuk musim peperiksaan dan macam-macam lah. You can buy dozens of books on how to be excellent, how to get good grades, and so on. The books are countless. It's either you want to do it or not. YES! It's either you WANT or you DON'T WANT. See. Segalanya berbalik kepada diri sendiri. 

Kadang-kadang, orang kata kalau kau tak buat ni, kau tak dapat markah macam ni, kalau kau tak dapat ini, kau tak akan pergi ke peringkat yang seterusnya. It's true but it's just bullshit when you yourself do nothing. Kalau kau tak gerak, kau tak akan ke mana. What I did during my study week? I watched Hindi movies. Gila? Agak lah. Orang lain pun layan movies juga. After two hours of revision and that's it. I can't carry on anymore. Different people will have different styles in learning. I listen to my favourite songs while reading my notes or jotting down what is necessary. Some people can't and they need a peaceful environment with no disturbances at all. 

We're all different, Know yourself and do it your own way. Oh ya. Ingat Tuhan, regardless what you believe in. You'll be fine. Wink! 

p/s: I need chocolate. pftt. 


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