28 March 2014

Yang namanya cinta.


Yang namanya cinta,
itu biasa.
Yang namanya cinta,
kadang-kadang perlu menunggu.
Yang namanya cinta,
kadang-kadang tertanya-tanya.
Yang namanya cinta,
itu harapan.
Yang namanya cinta,
itu janji Tuhan.

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You can't describe love even though you know how to define it.
When you really love, you'll wait.
When you really love, you'll keep your faith.
It comes and it decays but true love stays.

Love leads you to something you will never expect.
The right time will come.
The best moment will happen.
When, how or who?
We have no answer.

Tuhan bagi bila kita betul-betul sedia.
Bila? Entah.

I miss you.
Saya rindu.


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