20 December 2012

PMR vs Pointer


The PMR candidates for 2012 just received their results yesterday. To those who get good results, congratulations and well done to all of you! To those who didn't, do not give up. You can do better in your SPM. Well, you still have one year and a half to polish up everything. I do have a sister who sits for PMR. Although she didn't get straight As, she is still okay. They are just numbers right? Ehee. I'd like to share something. I'm not a straight As student actually. Why? 'Cause I got 4As and 1B for my UPSR and I got 8As and 1B too for my PMR. B for Science and another B for Arab. I cried once I knew that I got only 4As. I did! but that doesn't make me any less. For PMR, I didn't hope for anything. Follow the flow, study, concentrate, and sometimes sleep in English class. HAHA! And for my SPM, I just focused on the five main subjects and I was not really sure about my Science subjects. They are 4; Add Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. All As for the main subjects, one credit for my Physics. The other three? Urgh, please don't ask. Luckily, I passed. Haha. It shows that I don't fancy the Science subjects and I am so into something like language, arts, literature, religions and history. I'm that type of person.

Why did I share this? It's not to tell you that I got this and I got that for my three public exams but it's just to tell you that exams are compulsory if you're still a student. Yes it is. However, it's not about the result but it's the effort that you made. Effort counts! YES! 

One of my seniors said this,

"not getting straight As wouldn't make you any less than the person you are. Trust in HIM. He has got better plans for you"

I like this. It looks very significant.
credit : here

So true! Allah will never judge you based on your results but it's the effort that you made that He will look to.  Something that you must sure of. Don't quit! Never give up 'cause He knows what's the best for you. He did. Believe me. 

And to those straight As, please please please. Don't stop! It's not the end of the world! It's not even the end of your journey. You still have to learn, study etc. I think everyone should do the same thing. It's a lifetime learning. 

Human beings are students. The world is our school. Trials are the exams that He made. How we cope with it, how we handle it, it shows how we 'answer' it. The results? It's the hikmah that we will obtain later on. Jannah or Nar? Both are the results. One fine day. 

Last but not least, congratulations, tahniah and mabruk alaik, brothers and sisters!

p/s: on the same day, aku pun dapat pointer exam lepas. pointer dropped! tapi tak ada lah jatuh menjunam ke dalam gaung. drop sikit je dari semester lepas. syukur alhamdulillah, tak perlu repeat. kenapa? kurang usaha mungkin tapi jujur aku cakap, semester ni aku rasa agak tough. kelam kabut ada juga sebab ada event. salah aku juga tapi aku tak kecewa pun. I know myself better. eheee. but still, ALHAMDULILLAH, all praises to Allah SWT ;)



  1. xtaw nk ckp..mlysia ssh, x semestinya belaja pndai akn brjaya nnt..yg pntg..nnt dh besa kne pndai2 fikir utk brjaya

  2. malaysian edu system pentingkan kuantiti dpd kualiti..realiti mcm tu lah..public exams mmg mcm tu..tp xtau lah yg latest ni mcm mana..we'll see how it goes..cikgu tau kn mcm mana since that awk dh mengajar..hehe



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