03 December 2011

Thanks Cik Nazira for being my 222th follower


I just want to note that my blog is my own perspective.I'm not a professional.I'm not an expert.This is a site where I share my experience,my story,my little knowledge that people might not know.I share what I want as long as I'm very certain that the things that I want to share are appropriate.

To Miss Nazira,thanks a bunch for being my 222th follower.Nombor no unik.Triple two.Nice to see.Hehe.Sorry,I've nothing to give.I have no present.Empty pocket.Haha.The only thing that I have is my prayer.May Allah bless you.Still not too late to wish you SALAM MUHARRAM kan?Time kasih ye.

To my other followers,sape2 sudi silalah follow blog Cik Nazira ye ----> nazira's Corner


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