16 November 2011

My life after the battle


My foundation year almost at an end.Seriously,I feel I'm getting older.Ahaha.This coming Saturday will be my MUET.I don't know what to prepare 'cause I just focused on my final exam.There were four days and there were four papers.Out of four,ermm English Studies.Short story that I never learnt before.It's different from what it should be.Nevermind, I did my best but still...ermmm..paper tu susah!!! naik jerawat aku lepas exam..Haha..adeiii...xpe..usaha,doa dah ada..tawakkal..Mudah-mudahan result ok je..Amin..

Sunday is a blessing day for me!Why?I'm going back.Damn.I miss home.Something that you should know about Cikgu E..ahaha..I love being at home more than anything..Another 4 years in IPG will be a decade of everything.A decade of what?A decade of experiencing life as a hostel student.I have learnt a lot.I grew up. You will never know 'cause I'm the one who experiencing it :p

Wohoo..I was so excited until I forgot about my MUET..nevermind,everything will be okay :)

Encik Fudhail a.k.a Dr.K jadi babysitter plak hari ni.Nasib lah sebab dia tak balik Mesir lagi.Aku plak jadi grown man-sitter sebab jadi kaunter tempat orang tu mengadu sebab penat jaga budak..muahaha..nasib lah..tapi kan seronok ape dengan budak kecik?Adeii..

Yang penting,aku lega sangat.Everything is over.Lepas ni adalah masa untuk merehatkan diri dan minda, santai-santai kat rumah, spend the whole month of holiday with my family, main-main dengan budak, main-main dengan Encik Fudhail >.< bhahahaha then 3 Januari balik kampus.Lama lagi.Should be no worries.

Indahnya hidup kurniaan Allah..Alhamdulillah :D


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