01 November 2011

Being a blogger,doesn't mean that the blog is all about your love life.It's about lifetime learning and it can be anything :)


I just finished with my 'blog-walking ritual'..haha..It's a routine of a blogger so you can't say it is wrong.It's one of the ways to get to know each other. The world is soooooo big, so grab the chance ;p

The Star,1/11/2011..cantik kan tarikh hari ni?no doubt.oh ya.I just want to share something here.Bangga lepas baca satu artikel pasal seorang cikgu Maths.Seriously,I'm proud of him.Boleh jadi role-model bagi kami-kami yang masih training kat IPG ni.Almaklumlah,bakal cikgu kan.Rasanya,tak salah kalau kita belajar.Tak jumpa dia face-to-face xpe at least intipati dari blog dia tu ada.

He was awarded with the Prime Minister Best of the Best Award and he won the e-learning category.Berminat nak follow blog dia?

Tekan bawah ni

I realised that by being a blogger,it doesn't mean that the blog will be all about your love experience,love life,personal life,your friends,your heart-broken moment and so on.It can be anything.You can educate other people although you're not a teacher.You can help to ease the pressure that experienced by other people. A 'counsellor' perhaps.Hehe.Life is a process of learning.We educate,we learn and we gain something.Awesome isn't it?Hehe


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