16 October 2011

30 Days of Challenges(Day 25) - Talk about your childhood memories :)


Delayed.Haha.sorry.talk about my childhood memories?

I was once a little girl who did not know what world is all about.
I hate skirts.
I hate gowns.
I didn't like long hair 'cause I prefer short hair.
I was once very boyish.
I love to eat KFC and that's why I'm chubby..haha
I didn't wear hijab until 11 years old.
I played kites.
I played marble match
I played police and thief
I have no feeling towards a boy or any boys
I love riding scooter just like Pooh in Teletubbies..haha..If there's a competition between me and my cousin,I always won it..yet he's a boy
I love cars,lorries or any toys..
I love video games..
I love to fight with my brother..hehe

See,how boyish I am...

I love Barbie dolls but I never have the chance to have it but my sister did then I was so jealous..haha..
I love to pretend that I'm a good cook. *main dango bah kata org swak*
I love playing 'teacher and students' and I was once a so-called student..but now I'm a teacher trainee..haha
I love playing swing..Thank God that my cousin was very generous 'cause he made a swing for us..Hehe..
These are the only things that I did as a GIRL..

Time change,people change baby..Hehehe..Now,here I am :)


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