11 October 2011

30 Days of Challenges(Day 19) - Something you want to do before you die :)


I force myself to answer this kind of question..Hehe..sorry for my lateness..Can't be avoided..

It's quite challenging actually.After I saw my late uncle struggling for his life,I keep asking myself how would it be if it is me?Huhu..Cancer and it's the forth stage..Only Allah knows how it was..Moga roh allahyarham dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman..Amin..

Something to do before I die huh?Hehe..I have a few simple answers for this question.

First, I just want to make my parents proud with what I've been through and what I achieve.It's not easy to make them proud.At least,they will feel that they are successful in parenting.Mak pak,love both of you.I just want them to be by my side each and every second of my life.This is all about my family.I want to support my brother and sister.It depends on me.I really want to do that.Harap niat aku ni tercapai.Bukan senang nak bagi mak ayah kita bangga.Bukan senang nak jadi student bukan senang nak capai cita-cita kita.Semua kena ada usaha dan pengorbanan.Kalau tak ada,memang tak akan menjadi.Betol x?

Second,I just want to have a family of my own.Faham maksud aku?Aku nak kahwin lah.Ada suami ada anak.Haha.Sebab apa eh?Cinta tu suatu perkara yang suci.*jiwang plak* and to have children and babies is a wonderful thing to do as a woman.To be a wife and to be a mother.Mesti seronok.Memang la tak senang mana.Tapi at least kita bahagia.

Third,aku suka jalan-jalan.Kalau boleh I just want to go anywhere I like as long as that place is nice and beautiful.Tak kisah la.Seronok jalan-jalan sambil tangkap gambar.Aku adalah seorang manusia yang tak suka tangkap gambar sendiri atau sorang-sorang.Aku suka gambar candid,bergambar secara berkumpulan or tangkap gambar tempat yang cantik-cantik.Sebab tu lah camera sentiasa ada dalam beg.hehe.

3 simple answers.Tu je lah nak cakap.


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