10 September 2011



I love today cuz I only sit and do nothing since that I don't have any classes to be attended.

Assignment?One more to go.We just finished with our Indian Wedding Magazine..Haha..Like like..I really miss it..We spent 20 ringgit for printing..And I spent 99.99% of my night time just for it..See! How much effort have I put in..Haha ;p

Wanna see it?I can show some of the photos..The other part of the magazine can be found on the Facebook..I mean on my profile..The album is "ENGLISH STUDIES ASSIGNMENT"


Nenek Encik Fudhail meninggal 8.15 tadi waktu Malaysia.Innalillahiwainnalillahirojiun.

Semora roh Allahyarhamah dicucuri rahmat.Amin.

that's all for tonight.


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