19 September 2011

The good news :)


I get too excited..Haha..Thank you very much to my group members for last English Studies Assignment.
Farra, Cha and Isha. Thank you so much. Without the 3 of you, I won't be able to finish everything on my own. It's regarding our pop-up book.I did the drawing,designing and arrange everything.Farra did the colouring while Isha and Cha did the typing.

I finished everything last minute actually until I got cramped.errr...I mean at certain part...Haha ;p

The pop-up book is being borrowed by St.Joseph Primary School.I'm really impressed and I'm really proud of it.At least berbaloi lah kan kerja aku.So,alhamdulillah :)

Tiring but a wonderful experience indeed.Photos to be shared!Lets check it out :)

typing error..it should be James Thurber..


and more....

the whole book looks like this

that's the end of it..
I miss my pop-up book..

I love arts..I love drawing..Sketching..Editing and everything about arts..
I love colours..I love photos..
Yes..I love arts..





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