15 July 2011

IPGKBL student is survived after being struck by lightning


Yesterday will not be forgotten by the students of Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Batu Lintang.I was in my room together with my roommate and both of us were playing with our laptops.Since that we have no lecture in the afternoon so Facebook will be the first target during our free time.Both of us were shocked when there's a flash and it's very bright.Suddenly...urghhh..I'm having Astraphobia I guess..Fear of lightning and thunder..Muahaha..Twist...It's Izzan..My junior..TESL student PPISMP July 2011 intake.I'm not sure which one is true 'cause others told me that they were back from GERKO when that incident happened.Whatever it is I hope that he will recover very soon.Amin.May Allah bless him.Would you like to read something about him?Those who are interested to visit him(especially to those who live in Sarawak)you can go to Hospital Umum Sarawak.He's getting better if I'm not mistaken.

Please click the link below if you're interested.Thanks.Let us pray together for him.

Click here.


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