01 June 2011

Homemade Pizza :)


This is what I love about holiday.I'm not a good cook or baker.I do love cooking and baking so I'm willing to learn.I learn from my mum.Yes!She's an excellent cook and a good baker too.I admit that.She quit her job more than a decade ago and now she just stayed at home.I just want to share something here.Your invention is your imagination and the innovation is in your hand.It depends on your creativity.We baked some pizzas.Guess what?The shape is different.We use to see pizza round in shape but we made two different pizzas.They're square.Haha.Very cool and it's easy to divide,cut into slices and everything.The most important is the taste of the pizzas.

This is the first 'invention' hehehe
Very weird isn't it? :)
tadaaaa...If I sell this to you,it will cost you 50 Ringgit and above..haha
the ingredients..to make it smells better,you have to buy the Oregano..very nice..believe me :)

and the last one..actually I have more but I'm a bit lazy right now..Huehuehue..

A packet of Mozrella cheese will cost you 15 Ringgit..Huahuahua..

That's all..End of sharing..Budak Mentah



  1. terrer la ko maa....next cuti klak ku mk try juakk polah..hehe

  2. ahahaha....aku tolong2 jk..mak ku polah tok..mahal eh bahan k molah..sekalik setaun bleh la polah..hehe



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