28 June 2011

Happy Anniversary :)


I've been in Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Batu Lintang for 1 year since 28 of June 2010.
So many things to be learnt.I do appreciate my life here and I really love it.
Being  a teacher trainee is something that I really want although I'm not interested at first.Thank you so much pak for inspiring me and thank you so much to Cikgu Dayang,Ustazah Siti Aminah and Ustazah Siti Rodiah. They taught me a lot as a teacher, as a mother and as a sister.

My dearest classmates,happy 1 year anniversary.

Back Row(From Left to Right) :
 Famiza,Me,Flora Chang,Flora Umang,Farra,Isha,Jenny,Esther,Heinny,Atirah,Michelle,Jujune,Irene,Zaza & Kisty

Front Row(From Left to Right) : 
Cuan,Kai,Ken,Ali,Yanson,Cha,Erwin,Dylan & Arandell

We're TESL 2 PPISMP June 2010 Intake.

budak mentah.end of sharing.




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