29 May 2011

They called me "cikgu"..That was so sweet :)

Bismillah..It was just last week..The first day of Language Camp..A school visit to St.Joseph Primary School..We handled 2 classes of Year 6 students.I don't know what to say about how I feel.It was such a great experience.The first time.I do hope that I can do better than what I've done that day,together with my other group members.Guys..Thank you so much for your cooperation.It's not easy to control a class.The headmistress of the school told us "As a teacher,you're the one who will shape the future generation.The world is in your hand.If you want your students to be doctors,they will be doctors. * ehemm..doctor?hik3..iklan sebentar * if you want your students to be engineers,lawyers or what so ever,they will." It's very true.Some people might think that teaching is a low-class profession.So what?I don't care.As long as I'm happy with what I'm doing.They can say anything they like.Human beings are very different from each other.

Students there were very naughty.Some of them were able to speak in English fluently but some were not.It's normal.All of us experienced the same thing before I guess.I'm very sure about that.Simple activities were planned for them.Fruit basket,Simon says,pass the messages,act and guess..the funniest activity..haha..Okeh..I don't want to talk more..I do have photos..But very few..I didn't have chance to take photos..The lesser the better I guess..Hehehe...

and my group members..the CIKGUs.. English Teachers to be okay?Insyaallah

I think that's all..I love my future career..Thank You ALLAH..Alhamdulillah

end of sharing.budak mentah.


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