04 March 2011

The Upcoming Exam


Okeh.A very short and simple entry for tonight.Currently preparing for the exam.Four core subjects.And to be honest,I love all!Seriously,I really enjoy learning the four subjects. At least, I got something that I really want and I really like.Thanks to ALLAH.Dear bloggers,wish me luck.And to those who are following my blog,all the best too.Be prepared for the battle.The success in your hand.Uhuk2..Including me..hehehe..

errr..doesn't look like me at all?wahaha..google google 

The timetable

Monday    - Language Description ( 8.30-10.30 )
Tuesday   - Language Development ( 8.30-11.30 )
Wednesday - English Studies      ( 8.30-11.30 )
Thursday  - Social Studies       ( 8.30-11.30 )

I will go back on 12 of March..Yeayy!After Subuh,straight away to the airport.Maybe.hehe.I think that's all.

Mak.pak.enol.pizah.rel.miss all of you.lots of love from me.

end of writing.budak mentah. 

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