06 November 2010


Today..I've discover something..
A little bit disappointed with it..Hermm..
I was wondering about Muslim girls on FB..
I dont know why..I saw that...errmm..yes...They are wearing their hijab..
But when I look at another album,the hijab were 'gone'
What's the matter with them?What is the purpose of wearing hijab actually??
World are getting worse nowadays..People take things for granted..
A simple thing..Yet,they misuse it..
Me??I'm not saying that I'm perfect..Perfect??Sounds ridiculous for a normal human being..
Unless you're a prophet..
Pretend to be a good girl??Definitely not..I'm just an ordinary girl..
If I am good enough,people will not dump me but they did it..On purpose..huhu
This is just an opinion of mine..
And please..No hard feeling..

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